Monday, February 13, 2012

The God Principle

The God Principle

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By Bernard Poolman


Could you tell me more about God?


If there was a God, he certainly would place us in a place where we will face our truth.

That would be, he would create all as equal and one and see if all will treat each other as equal and one as God created them and thus in each a nature will develop, in a manner of speaking and so all will then return to face what they have become.

What is important: we are here and we are certainly facing ourselves and we are not accepting each other as life much less ourselves, so what point will God have but giving us the lesson of existence and that is now here, but then there is no God on the other Hand.

There is a God principle - equality and oneness as life - all is that - but all is not understanding or amalgamating as this and this principle guides all existence and is about to take the universe on a journey that will never be forgotten.

And after this, after the pain and suffering of what we have allowed ourselves to become - we will marvel and look back and understand. For now - know this - all will be equal to and one with what they have become on all levels throughout all time and the fire of life will burn till all illusion is no more.

In that we assist and that is what we found and with that realization while we were questioning existence and could not get out, this process became accelerated and heaven is in preparation to assist as this principle -the principle we may call God - yet it is more as it envelops all and is all and thus understand all and thus directs all and will not accept anything less than what each being truly is as equal and one as life.

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