Saturday, February 18, 2012

2012 Debunking: 'Love Never Dies... we are all an eternal expression of love'

In a world where half the planet are starving or living on the breadline, where millions of children are tortured in the name of war and capitalism, where countless animals suffer for profit and where we turn a blind eye so that others can make money - would you say we are eternal expressions of love?

To me this is the statement of a person who clearly wants to ignore what humanity really has become - to simply slip away into your mind where you can trip on happy thoughts and ignore your reality. Our reality - what is real - what we have all created exists and ignoring it with sentimental terminology and ideas - wont change that.

The only way to bring Real Love into action is to change what we have created in this world - because as you have noticed nothing has changed. Religion and Philosophy and Love Talk - has not changed one thing. We still allow countless beings to suffer each day in the name of human self interest. Real Love is to take on the system we have created and to physically, practically change the system so that suffering no longer exists. Anything else - any sweet words that make you feel fuzzy inside but have no directive action behind it - is simply a mind fuck - a way for us humans who are addicted to our emotions and feelings - to hide and not take self responsibility for what will have to change for REAL change to occur - not the change that is written about as if writing about things can change them. We have to take the Written Word and Live it until it becomes us as a Living Manifestation of ourselves. Anything else is a drug for the mind - look for yourself - speak the words: 'Love Never Dies... we are all an eternal expression of love' - a few times and see what happens inside you. You feel more relaxed and your thoughts become calmer. You now experience a slight bit of joy and reassure as you allow yourself to be brainwashed by the emotion and feeling experience that your mind has connected to these words. That is after all the only reason why these words exist - to lull people into a feeling of hope, a calmness and worst of all - an acceptance of our world as it is - instead of an absolute standing up - for what is best for all - and to not stop until there is real change within Self and we have really changed the world situation.

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