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Questions and Perspectives: Tattoos, Piercings and Chakras

Questions and Perspectives: Tattoos, Piercings and Chakras

Transcribed and typed Jack through the interdimensio­nal portal
Original Article:

Date : 19/10/2007

Question: Please explain more about piercings, tattoos and whether they affect chakras. Perspective: Hi

Tattoos and piercing of the human physical body have no effect on anything whatsoever but the value, worth or meaning you give it within and as your mind as well as the reason for doing it. If tattoos or piercing is done for you: Fine – though if it’s done for a separate reason outside of yourself: You will be a slave to the tattoo or piercing done because it’ll control you from the perspective that it has ‘more meaning’ or ‘more value’ that you yourself as who you are.

Chakras no longer exist – chakras were of the mind consciousness system design to support separation. Here is a document done – where perspective was given of the mind consciousness system of human beings from a picture:

Hi Mr.T

Here’s perspective regarding the painting:

(Picture from:

1. Let’s start with the gridline structures:

This is exactly what the gridline structures interdimensionally look on earth within and as human beings and also the world: What is referred to as the ‘Unified Consciousness Field’ to which the unconscious mind of all of humanity was connected to.

2. The yellow circular structure around the mind/brain/head area represents the ‘God Consciousness’ signature. And it also represents where human beings would ‘connect’ to the ‘Unified Consciousness Field’ and then have a Euphoric ‘God-like Essence’ experience during meditation.

3. Then you have the chakra points indicated – the chakra points are actually specific emotional and feeling mind consciousness point centers – the Chakra manifested Construct actually designed by Demons, later used by the White Light construct, within and as human beings – as each Chakra centre contained a specific energetic which they preferred to ‘drink from’ to maintain their existence from within the Demon dimension. See – Demons were dependant on emotional and feeling compound energy within human beings to have the ability to exist. Each Chakra centre had a interdimensional plug-in system within the human physical body – with pipelines running from the Chakra point to the plug-in points and so the Demons literally ‘sucked-out’ the necessary amount of energy they required. The pipeline structures connected the Chakra centers (allocated in the centre of your human physical body, all connected together by a ‘pillar structure’) with the plug-in points (within the muscle tissue of your human physical body). By the plug-in points there were round circular structures within which the specific emotional/feeling energy would flow – and once they’re filled – the Demons would have their drink.

From the White Light perspective they used these Charka centre plug-in points to inject implants or information within and as the mind consciousness systems as the Chakra Construct was ‘connected’ to the mind consciousness system within and as human beings.

We’ve removed this entire Chakra Construct within human beings entirely – though such an idea of the existence of Chakra’s still exists within their mind based on memory.

4. The indicated circle around the human being is the Aura – the Aura is but the resonance of the emotional and feeling energy contained within the Chakra centers which also permeate within and as the entire human physical body as also indicated within this picture/painting. Therefore – the Aura only exist as a round circular formation around the being – separation and limitation.

5. The colours indicated within and as this being – the exact colours of the Chakra centers is how the emotional and feeling energy move within and as the human physical body constantly and continuously – emotions and feelings divided according to colour and section of the Chakra centers – remaining within and as their specific individual movements according to how they’re allocated according to the Chakra centers.

As in the picture/painting presented is what it looks like within human beings as emotional and feeling energy movement looked like within human beings.

The only difference now is that everything within and as human beings is compacted and compounded and inverted within to face and deal with appropriately for necessary transcendences, self realisation and self revelation.

A system drawing/painting a system.

So – the above picture/painting is exactly how humans as mind consciousness systems used to look like interdimensionally within this consciousness systems’ existence – though, not as apparently ‘beautifully’ presented here in this picture/painting – much ‘worse’.


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