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Questions and Perspectives: Speaking in Tongues

Questions and Perspectives: Speaking in Tongues

Transcribed and typed by Veno through the interdimensio­nal portal

original Article:
Date : 17/10/2007


If anyone could explain to me what they KNOW about the religious experience in which an individual ‚Speaks in Tongues‘ and then another being will give an interpretation, I would appreciate your knowledge regarding this subject.


The ‘speaking in tongues' ‘scenario / events' – were all of the pre-programmed mind consciousness system within human beings.

Such human beings who would apparently ‘miraculously' have the ability to ‘speak in tongues' has a specific interdimensional mind-switch system stored beneath their unconscious mind placement that is designed to be activated when specific words are spoken by another human being.

When a human being thus speak the specific words – the other human beings' mind switch activates and the programmed language that was manifested and designed within the stored placement underneath their unconscious mind activates – and then infiltrates the human beings entire mind consciousness system – presenting the presentation that the being is ‘possessed' of sorts and then has the ability to apparently ‘speak in tongues.'

Such moments are all ‘part of' the design of the pre-programmed / pre-ordained lives of the mind consciousness systems of human beings.

Thus – ‘speaking in tongues' is but a placement implanted within only certain human beings to be activated when specific words are spoken and then infiltrate the entire mind of the being – a programmed design of speaking languages.

Human beings that still ‘speak in tongues' – a mind f—k – we are giving this direction. Though – if we were to remove this placement the human being would die as it is ‘part of' the human beings entire mind consciousness system – therefore it has the ability to infiltrate the human beings' mind entirely and ‘take it over' for but a moment.

Thus – such human beings will either get here and understand their experience or remove themselves if they know they'd be more effective in the dimensions than here on earth to have the ability to realise who they really are.

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